A place to study Movement, Martial Arts, Dance, Tracking, Survival, Ceremony, Healing, and Culture.

Whether we are teaching Qi Gong, Boxing, Yoga or Weapons, each of our Instructors comes from a system or lineage carrying a high code of ethics, or Martial Virtue.  We strive to be well rounded practitioners of all life practices.  We value Awareness, Freedom, Movement, Compassion, Survival Skills, Self Discipline, Dynamic Strength and Flexibility.

We love teaching children and adults, people of all ages and backgrounds, people of all skill levels.  We hope everyone can feel comfortable and confident here, and become part of our community.

We host Guest Instructors from all over the world who have reached a masterful level in their art, to come teach seminars and special events for the ongoing education of our community.  These Guests never fail to inspire us and push us further into new grounds of thought, movement and creativity.

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7758 Healdsburg Ave, Sebastopol CA, 95472