Martin Wheeler

In Martin’s words:

‘What is Systema?’,’It just means, The System.’ ‘Yes, but what is Systema?’ I get asked that question a lot. Is Systema a martial art? A stand up art? A ground fighting system? A weapons fighting art? A health practice? A mobility system?

To me, it is all of the above and much more. Systema is an ancient Russian martial art that was hidden at the heart of the secretive Soviet Union’s highest level operators. With no techniques, no predetermined patterns, just deep intuitive principles, it is a very unique way of looking at a fighting art. In Systema you understand how to effortlessly fight like a ‘professional’ against weaponed assailants, on the ground, against multiple attackers, in a car or in an office and more.  All while discovering how to become a more natural, relaxed, fit, calm and healthy human being.’

‘Martin Wheeler is one of the best kept secrets in martial arts instruction’ Black Belt Magazine.