Redwood Systema

Redwood Systema Camp


Martin Wheeler

Redwood Systema Camp

July 12-14

Early Pricing through June 30th, limited spaces

Product Description

SHDWBX Studio is proud to be hosting 3 days of immersive outdoor Systema Training with Master Systema Instructor, Martin Wheeler. Supplemental instruction by Certified Systema Instructors Ethan Minor and Luke Hefele. This will be 3 days and nights of intense physical and psychological training, covering multiple aspects of Systema practice and modern combat philosophy.

  • Arrival Friday, July 12: 12:00 noon. Departure Sunday July 14, 1:00pm.
  • Camping on-site in Redwood forest provided.
  • Food will be provided, please email with any special food restrictions/needs.
  • Participants are encouraged to bring their own camping gear. Tents available for a small fee upon request. Email contact E. Minor for tent needs.
  • Weather permitting, we will be engaging in aquatic training, so bring clothes or swimsuits appropriate for water training.Pending, Lifeguard will be onsite.
contact Ethan Minor—   —for questions
More info to come with sign up